Access Control

  • Biometrix
    • A biometric reader or scanning device is used to obtain the necessary verification data from a person. The sensor unit forms the key interface between a user and a biometric access control system, making it important to minimize the rate of reading failure. The quality and usefulness of the data obtained through sensors often depends on camera characteristics because the majority of biometric data is composed of images, with the exception of audio-based systems, such as voice recognition, and chemically-based systems, such as odor identification.
  • Standalone
    • For standalone access control systems, all electronics are installed in a keypad or reader - there are no additional components or peripherals, including extra wiring, routers, sensors and alarms. Standalone access control is typically found on doors with low-level security or on smaller buildings with no additional exits. Standalone access controllers can also include proximity readers and magstripe cards or other tokens. Proximity cards and key fobs use contactless technology while magstripes, for example, must be swiped through the reader.