• Indoor Sensors
    • Motion sensors are devices made to detect activity. These can be used indoors or outdoors to enhance your home protection. Whenever an indoor sensor is tripped, a signal is sent to your security system’s control panel or base station, and then your monitoring company is notified.
      From there, you may be contacted by your monitoring company or the authorities may be dispatched. It’s also important to note that some motion sensors can be self-installed and come with professional monitoring. This gives you the freedom to place them wherever you feel is best in your home.
  • Outdoor Beams
    • Point-to-point beams, also known as infrared beams, is a reliable and stable form of intruder detection. These beams are supplied in pairs – a transmitter and a receiver – that can be either mounted on walls or on brackets outdoors. The transmitter sends an invisible, continual pulsed beam of infrared light which is detected by the receiver. If an intruder or object such as a person, dog or falling branch breaks the beam, an alarm signal is generated. These outdoor beams are usually installed across a driveway or an entrance and around the outer perimeter of a property.